Basic Installation Steps – IBM ODM

Important Pointers

Below pointers will highlight the basic steps for installation of IBM ODM.

Version Considered : 8.8.0

1. Have 5 disk tar files corresponding to IBM ODM Advanced 8.8
disk1 – Installation Manager and WAS
disk2 – Decision Server
disk3 – Decision Center
disk4 – Decision Server Events
disk5 – Decision Server Insights
2. Unzip them using any related software(7-Zip is the preferable software)
3. Install IBM Installation Manager (Best way instead of launchpad)
4. Add repositories in Installation Manager.
5. Install WAS (present in disk 1) first and create a profile. (Remember the admin credentials which you provide)
6. Install DS and DC. (Events and Insights can be installed based on your usage)
7. Test the installation by launching rule designer and accessing Decision Center and RES consoles. (rtsAdmin/rtsAdmin and resAdmin/resAdmin)
8. Decision Server Insights (Disk 5) is independent and can be installed without any other component of ODM (i.e other disks)



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