ODM on Cloud – Key Notes & Migration Guidelines

ODM on Cloud (ODMoC) is a SaaS offering for ODM platform and does not include DSI (ODM Advanced feauture).

Rule Solution for Office (RSO) and Decision Warehouse(DW) are not supported using ODMoC.

From deployment perspective we can deploy only to DEV server from Rule Designer and for higher environments (TEST & PROD) it has to performed through Decision Center only.

From Integration perspective Rulesets can be exposed only through SOAP or REST Webservice (So as we have on-premisse it cannot be invoked via EJB,JMS or POJO Sessions).

Constraints from customization perspective are as below:

  • No remote access to Decision Center API
  • No support for COBOL
  • No direct connection to client LDAP
  • Custom JSP of enterprise consoles not allowed
  • No dynamic domains supported except OOTB Excel-based
  • No Custom rule editors
  • No session controllers

From Migration perspective consider below pointers:

  • No outbound calls from BOM/XOM is supported.
  • If reference data to be used then effort should be added for re-structuring the decision operation to pass in the data
  • Only decision engine is supported and classic rule projects are to be first converted
  • No DVS Testing from Rule Designer or Enterprise console
  • Custom rule properties are not supported

SAML authentication set-up to be considered.

Reference: IBM on Cloud documentation



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